Review: Taskmaster: Series 16

Series: Taskmaster: #16

Another season, we’re on a roll!

Another great cast, and I absolutely enjoyed them all, although I didn’t have a favorite stand out quite so much as did in the previous seasons.

Poor Lucy through so many of those tasks, but she took it in stride. The Sues were great, especially together. Julian–so gay. And Sam Campbell was just a lot of fun–and that hair the last episode. O.o

Onward to one more (for now)!

And then of course… all of the other regional Taskmasters as well.

Episode by episode reviews, now with slightly less screenshots (that was bonkers).

1. The Natural Friends

Greg: Because it’s such a big heavy bum table…

We’re off to a good start.

Right from there to a can of blindfold.

Where do you buy blindfolds in cans from?

They had to build a tower!

I’m tempted just to leave it. Cause I’m going to make it worse.

Yes. Yes you are.

And the first team task of the series:

It is, of course, a two part task.



Well that’s the difference between a light entertainment comedy format… and the law.

Oh she’s going to be a delight.

And of course there is:

Well it was quite hard work for–you know–an aging homosexual.

2. Hell is Here

Taskmaster trivia, go!

Head shaking go!

Mischief go.

And finally: art go!

3. Languidly

Is it a sex toy Sue?

Is the task finding the task? The task is to do the task

I’m underneath it.

Sounds like cattle tips.

Apparently the game’s name is plural in the UK?

4. Dynamite Chicks

I’m going to get all emotional now. Because it’s my absolute favorite. Is time for sausages!



5. Skateboard Division

Well, I’m relieved it’s something to do with genitals, Julian.

Things can only go … up? From there.

Things. Things.

Things things things.

Eyes. Eyes.

Eyes eyes eyes.


6. Brother Alex

I’ve got a bucket. Lined with sandpaper. Filled to the brim with matches and fire alarms.

As one does.

That was an impressive prize task.

You’d never guess she was running from a rubbish robot.

You might guess he was

It’s nice you let your nephew come up with tasks every once in a while. Lets you appreciate the good ones.


Knees and toes.

Knees. And. Tooooooessss.

Totally not the task.

7. I’m Off to Find a Robin

Have you had Botox?

But why would you…

Your time starts when Alex is confident you understand the task.

That’s a delightful switch.

Or seven of them.


Delightful chaos.


That’s my favorite.

Susan: Waynes my favorite! Sue: Come on you little shit.

Well. It’s not my problem is it.

Alex: 8cm. 8cm away. Sue: I knew what happened and even I was swept away by the narrative.


Also, that was totally not supposed to be a cooperative task. This group is amusing sometimes.

A lot of ties this season!

8. Never packed a boot

The best single word object you own and love that gets the best reaction when introduced following a drum roll.

That’s such a delightfully long prize task.

Alien device.

The very first one. Two words.

It just got weirder from there.

I honestly have no idea how much of that was complete and total nonsense.

This is not a team task. Find the secret task.

Oh. Well that’s a thing.

Sam Campbell. SAM CAMPBELL. Sam… Campbell. (Sam): Sue Perkins. Lucy (Plays the French horn) Lucy: Sue Perkins!

All that for +/- 1 point and…

It’s like a really really weird version of Handmaid’s Tale.

I still enjoyed that task.

I do wonder if that secret task was there all along.

Next up, a bunch of random tasks. Including flipping five heads in a row! First thought, they’re of course going to have a double headed coin somewhere.

Second thought…

import random

def count_to_five():
    count = heads = 0

    while True:
        count += 1

        if random.random() < 0.5:
            heads += 1
            heads = 0

        if heads == 5:

    return count

counts = [count_to_five() for _ in range(1000000)]
average = sum(counts) / len(counts)


An average of just over 60 flips. 😆

And then a nighttime task.

Have they done that before? I don’t remember it!

That was a really weird task.

I’m not going to show you somebody called Sam.



Alex: So you’re saying that flamingo is asleep?

(It gets so much better)

9. Fagin at the Disco

Amuses me a bit that a couple of them don’t have licenses. Oh different countries/cultures.

Red means go. Blue means walk around the vehicle. Yellow means beep. Etc.

Okay, I see why they might not have their licenses. If that’s what it takes to earn their license in the UK…


Can you fit in there okay?

Anyways anyways.

Alex: That’s in the clown. Julian: That’s what you wanted?

He had a lot of fun with that.

They all did.

10. Always Forks and Marbles

Wait, who’s that?

Greg: Have you done something different. With your…

It would have been quite the thing had they never acknowledged it.

Alex: It’s a standard ingredient in vanilla ice cream, yes. … Greg: Well where are all these beavers?

Are you hungry baby bird?

This… isn’t going where I think it’s going is it?

Greg: We all knew as soon as you came out as a bird, I went oh know. If you ask Alex to eat anything, he always says yes. Alex: I’m not the one who gobbled a beaver’s anal gland.

I skipped most of this task.

Much better. Somehow.

… yup.

Greg: This is shaking up to be one anti-climax.

And so it ends!