Review: Taskmaster: Series 15

Series: Taskmaster: #15

We’re almost caught up to the present day! And what a crew to catch up on.

Mae Martin I think was my favorite, followed closely by Ivo Graham. Ironic given the final scores. 😄

I did love Jenny Eclair’s energy throughou the tasks though. And both Frankie and Kiell were a delight to watch as well. Really, I loved the entire cast.

Favorite task of the season? Wayne. The flail’y man.

Go watch it and find out why. 😄

Episode by episode reviews, now with slightly less screenshots (that was bonkers).

1. The Curse of Politeness

Greg: I just don’t think eggs are very dependable. Jenny: Well they don’t think you are either.

A good start.

And then right to a wedding first dance. With Alex. And without us (the audience) able to hear the music at all.


And of course:

I said, ‘May I?’ And they said, ‘I Mae.’ ‘You may?’ I said. And they said. ‘Aye, I Mae.’ And there will be lots more fun bits like that throughout the series.

And to

I’ve never seen gameplay like that… in 15 series.

This will be a good one.

2. Trapped in a Loveless Marriage

I knew it had to be a feet thing. Cause feet are weird innit? Like, what are they?

The object that makes you feel the weirdest…


For some reason, people in the Middle Ages couldn’t paint cats.

The first task with air trumpet/drums/cello/etc though? New favorite of the series!

With Greg giving out three 5s and two 4s…

Greg: I’ve literally lost my God damned mind.

I believe he agrees…



She’s got a wonderful energy.

I mean.

I need to find a dying frog.

All that… for three 1 point scores! And no 5s. Oh this ridiculous show.

Also, Mae Martin’s beavering joke! 😄

3. I Love up Squander Promise

And the most heroic thing should get 5 points. As long as he doesn’t go wacky with his scoring. 9 points. 1 point. I don’t know; everyone can have 17 points. He’s a wonderful boss.


Speaking of heroic:

Alex: So did anything you planned with? Ivo: No. No. Because it’s f… so stupid.

4. How Heavy is the Water?


Arguing for entirely too long about the definition of throwing. Delightful.

Greg: That’s it! I’m letting them get away with it!

Such chaos.

And then. Boats!

Jenny: You know these… the foamy tit cups. They’ll act as a bouncy aid.

Greg: I dunno; I’m thinking it still counts. I’m going to give him the five.

I just said that to have a look at Kiell’s face.

And then there is Ivo’s:

And it ends on… a most remarkable tie.

Oh this show.

5. Old Honkfoot


Of course.

A wonderful team task:

I … don’t know if they ever realized he couldn’t see.

And a final team task:

Delightful chaos.

All the better with a 15 point spread over two tasks…

6. It’s My Milk Now

I Spy.

Say it out loud


Ivo: Come on Greg. Don’t you want to bathe with her?

You will absolutely never guess who ‘she’ is.

(The Titanic.)

(Told you.)


Alex: I mean. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone peel an egg this badly.

That… is the most green. But it’s not a red green.

So close.

7. Schrodinger’s Egg


Like an escape room!

He knew.

Ivo: I’ve already lost the episode. I just wanted to have a go at it.

Oh he’s delightful.

8. 100% Bosco

Jenny: Come on big boy.

What is a pineapple, after all?

Or a banana?

This season does have quite a few team final tasks:

9. A Show About Pedantry

Ivo: And that’s my face.

A whole task where if you look at or talk to Alex… you lose.

Oh this show.

10. A Yardstick for Failure

That is a wonderful get up for a finale.

And now there are two of them:

That’s quite the high bar for the first prize task entry for the finale.

It just keeps escalating.

And then… chess?