Review: In the Labyrinth of Drakes

Series: The Memoirs of Lady Trent: #4

We’ve been to the mountains, a swamp/rainforest, and on the ocean. What’s next? To the desert!

It’s another book much like the first three: a bit of set up and lamenting the not-British society of the time, then off on an adventure! This time, as mentioned, to the deserts of Akhia.

The inciting incident this time is that the military is trying to breed dragons–either to harvest them for bones or train them for war–is interesting enough and sure to appeal to Isabella. The whole how do dragons breed / how did we get such variety has been a question for a long time now, and I’m just as curious as Isabella is to dig into it.

Characterwise, it’s a welcome delight to see Suhail again. I do quite enjoy seeing Isabella and Suhail’s relationship develop and this book certainly doesn’t slouch in that regard.

I sometimes imagine there is a clerk behind a desk situated between the brain and the mouth. It is his job to examine utterances on their way out, and stamp them with approval or send them back for reconsideration. If such a clerk exists, mine must be very harried and overworked; and on occasion he puts his head down on the desk in despair, letting things pass without so much as a second glance.

Oh they’re fun.

I will admit, after actually getting Jake at least somewhat in The Voyage of the Basilisk, it’s weird that he’s just completely ignored again for the most part here.

(Indeed, a female desert drake makes me look like a doting mother by comparison.)

You’re not wrong.

Overall, if you’ve enjoyed the books up to now, you’ll almost certainly enjoy this one.


(And only one left!)