Review: Black Mirror: Season 4

Series: Black Mirror: #4

Onward to Season 4!

We have a lot of interesting technology this time around. Virtual reality. Filtering reality (again). Messing with memories (they really like this one…). Dating. Being hunted.

I’m still quite enjoying this series. Check it out!

Episode by episode reviews (potential minor spoilers):

1. USS Callister

Pseudo-Star Trek? Something seems … ever so slightly off.

Of course it’s a game.

No. It’s far more twisted than a game.

The technical details are kind of a mess (DNA doesn’t encode memory, for example), but it’s a fun* enough idea.

2. Arkangel

Aw, a baby! … Uh oh. A baby.

And then technology that filters reality. I feel like we’ve seen this idea before. And it hasn’t even been that long (White Christmas). But not with children. And then they start to grow up.


That’s a hard one.

3. Crocodile

One bad decision leads to a worse.

And a worse.

And a worse.

Funny how that goes.

Black Mirror really likes messing with/reading memories.

4. Hang the DJ

Dating… with a built in expiration.

The perfect algorithm for finding ’the one'.

I enjoyed this one.

5. Metalhead

Minimal (mostly one) cast. No color. The tension of being hunted by an unrelenting foe.


6. Black Museum

Black Mirror. The museum.



A doctor who can feel anything a patient feels.

A couple with a new lease on life.

A man on death row. Surviving his own execution.