Review: The Quantum War

Series: The Quantum Evolution: #3

In The Quantum Magician, Bel pulled off the ultimate heist and changed everything. In The Quantum Garden, we got a sort of sequel-prequel, that sort of kind of answered how that all came to be (time travel is weird). Finally now, in The Quantum Evolution, we’re starting to get some of the effects.

It turns out that by showing off his Quantum MAGIC!(tm), Bel has brought quite a lot more attention than he ever intended to Homo Quantus. And now everone wants a piece of him and his.

The characters still drive teh book. Bel and Cass remain Bel and Cas. Stills remains delightfully crass. I was delighted to see Marie again.

And then… the Puppets. That’s quite the weird, uncomfortable part of these books and it’s even more to the fore in this one. It’s … probably worth something to have read it?

If this is the last book, it’s a weird one. There’s a big epic conclusion, but it doesn’t feel completely earned. The stakes are higher than ever, but it doesn’t feel particularly ’new’ this time.

Overall, the first book is the best. The next two are worth reading. And I would probably read a fourth. But for now… onward!