Review: Shattered Bonds

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #13

Dark Queen did quite a lot to shake up the world, so it’s about time to step back a bit and take a breath. After all, there’s no better time than Jane’s managing to really screw things up with her magic (finally) and is dying.

So now we have Shattered Bonds. The vampire world reeling, Jane dying and back in the mountains, and a new bigger badder big bad on the prowl.

At this points, things are all at once wrapping up (only 2 books left after this one!) and escalating to something bigger. I’m not a huge fan of Jane’s new place in the supernatural world, but even then I think it’s being dealt with in interesting ways.

My favorite part of this book? The continued melding of Jane and Beast.

Well, isn’t that just ducky.

Is not ducks, Beast thought. Is vampires.

Another favorite? This reveal towards the end (minor spoilers):

“You’re saying you’re my guardian angel?”

At my disbelieving tone, he gave me that amused expression again. “No. I am guardian to many, including Angelina Everhart Trueblood, but in this place, I am Beast’s guardian.”

Yeah, I loved that idea.