Review: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 10: Time and Again

Series: Ms. Marvel (2014): #10

A weirdly weak ending. It felt like they were building up to so much more… but this is the end of this particular run. I suppose it’s time to find out where/what is next. Comics are confusing yo.

One Night Only


Of course things go wrong. Over and over again.

And then…


It’s about time.

A cute story. Short though.

The Ratio

SCIENCE time with Bruno!

You know, given that Ms. Marvel’s powers derp out with an electric shock, it’s a bit weird we haven’t seen her fight many villains with electric powers…

Ah. There we go.

Anyways, that’s not really the point. Instead, we get to science geek out about Ms. Marvel’s powers! It’s about time…

That’s a weird story. With potential (small scale) universal ramifications.

Weird for the last volume of a series…

Silk Road

Alternate reality / ancestor of Kamala and friends hundreds of years ago on the Silk Road.


After the Flood

That was silly. Cute though.

Boss Rush


Just wat.

Such a weird image to end a series.