Review: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 4: Last Days

Series: Ms. Marvel (2014): #4

The world… is ending.

Or at least that’s how it feels.

Didn’t she know him for like… a couple days? I suppose it’s not that unusual. First times are so much bigger.

But still.

Bigger problems.

Also, the dream team up!

It’s fun and exactly the sort of thing Kamala dreamt about! Even if the scale of it all… doesn’t really make sense. The end of the world looms and they’re starting with the looting?

But getting to the part of the story we saw in the show? “I know.” That’s the story I’m interested in!

A chaotic delightful mess of a story.

Also in this volume, random Spider-Man team up!


He’s usually the chatty one.

Bit of a weird, unrelated story. Fun team up. Silk … certainly has a look; no idea what’s up with her.

This though:

Ironic that’s. But I suppose he’s earned it.

Side note:

A few hundred dollars in 2015. Not exactly a penny… but then again not nearly the current ~$70k. Expensive thoughts…