Review: Dark Queen

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #12

Well, that was an awful lot.

Who are we kidding, we’re 12 books into a series, but not quite at the end.

So if you’ve gotten this far, what are the chances that you’re going to stop now–and you really don’t want to, just in case.

And if you’re looking ahead to the end of the series before reading it to see if it’s still worth it… well, so far it is!

All that being said… man that was a lot.

We finally actually get some big changes. Vampire political structure turning inside out. The Yellowrock clan growing and growing (I still love that part). And the Eurovamps finally actually coming to play.

Yeah, I didn’t think that was going to happen either.

Some great things (with little enough context, but if you’ve been reading along, I hope this only increases your plan to read this book): Jane and Bruiser. Angie Baby. Beast! (Best hunter). Jane with the Youngers.

Eli sawed. Bra came loose and Eli peeled bra down Beast legs. Bra was dead. Jane should kill bras.

Beast is a delight.

Conversely, there has been some serious ramping up throughout this series and this one is no exception. This time though… there might just be a price?

And with all that, one quote (slightly edited to reduce spoilers, but still, minor spoilers):

Leo’s enjoyment of my form fell away, leaving him pensive again. “I have no way to properly toast you, my Jane. The appropriate toast.. with the words ‘Long undeath, prosperity, scions, blood, and cattle.”

I looked at my beer. “Yeah. Beer is better. And how about ‘Live long and prosper.’”

Leo gave no indication that he found me funny as he lifted his scotch in a toast. … Leo repeated my words, “Live long and prosper.” Hearing the Vulcan blessing from Leo’s lips was giggleworthy, but I managed to smother the laugh.

Leo drank and ate a few nuts. Eli and I followed his example. In companionable silence I finished my beer. Then Leo refilled the scotch glasses and pushed my second beer to me. Leo said, “However, I prefer QaStaHvIS yIn ’ej chep.

I love that scene.

A very solid read and with only 3 to go…

(Seemed appropriate.)