Review: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why

Series: Ms. Marvel (2014): #2

You know all those rumors about pet alligators flushed down the sewers?

Yeah, they generally fail to mention the freakin laser beams.

Comics are weird. Volume 2 and we’re already with the crossovers (hallucinatory Avengers don’t count). So many crossovers. But they’re cute! And it’s still mostly Ms. Marvel calling the shots.

A solid volume 2! Onward!

Side notes (spoilers?):

That’s so delightfully weird.

Although apparently it’s the Old Man Logan version, sans healing factor. But hey, he’s still got the tracer thing going on!

Other than that, we have…

A very Matrix-esque sort of justification. Only more voluntary?

It’s interesting. And I bet we’ll barely dig into it at most!

So go comics.