Review: Star Wars Vol. 13: Rogues and Rebels

Series: Star Wars (2015): #13

Series: Marvel Star Wars

Series: Star Wars (All - Release Order)

Series: Star Wars (All - Chronological Order): #4.13

And now everyone’s back together for one giant showdown. Champions, rock monsters, and all!

It’s all quite exciting in all the best science fantasy sorts of ways Star Wars has to offer!

Quite a way to end this particular series. Whatever could be next?!

Side note, the collected version also has this fun bit from Empire Ascendant.

Poe, eh?

A preview of Star Wars #1! As of that wasn’t confusing.

Also Star Wars: Darth Vader (2015), Doctor Aphra, Target Vader, Han Solo: Imperial Cadet.

Such a bunch of series to read!