Review: Taskmaster: Series 14

Series: Taskmaster: #14

That’s such a delight of a season, mostly due to Fern Brady, although I enjoyed the entire cast.

The contestants:

  • Dara Ó Briain - Goes about the weirdest things with a smile on his face.
  • Fern Brady - Fern is delightful. She’s a fun one to look up her independent work.
  • John Kearns - He constantly had the look of ‘what have I gotten myself into’. Really the whipping boy for this season.
  • Munya Chawawa - Zimbabwean ___. Hda a fun way of working around the tasks.
  • Sarah Millican - Alternatively delightfully dry and actually angry at times.

One more!

Series reviews, now completely in screenshot form (I probably won’t do this again :p):

1. The Chassis, The Wings

2. Enormous Hugeness

3. Dafty in the Middle

4. Crumbs in my Bralette

5. Chip Buffington

6. Long-Legged Lobster

7. The System of Endless Plates

8. That One That Bats Do

9. A New Business End

10. Did I Meet These Potatoes Before?