Review: The Sacrifice

Series: Animorphs: #52

The Yeerks are in the open now. Rounding up people by gunpoint and sending them by subway to the Yeerk Pool.

The Animorphs need to do something about it… but at what cost?

Add on to that, it finally comes out. Cassie stopped Jake from killing Tom–and that’s why the Yeerks can morph now.

Ax’s reaction is… interesting. We often get fairly alien beliefs from him and other Andalites. But this one, this is interesting.

But really, it all comes down to this:

None of us are adults. The others are now of the age to be attending what humans call “high school.”

Man. They’re so young.

Random thoughts (spoilers):

<Let me go!> he begged.

<Minutes away from what?> I asked.

<It only takes two hours. Right? I’ve been a falcon for one hour and fifty-five minutes. In five minutes I’ll be free!>

So. This creature wanted to be a nothlit. Wanted to be trapped in his morph.

<You will not be free. You will still be a Yeerk inside,> I pointed out.

<I will be free,> the falcon insisted. <I will fly. I will see. No more need for Kandrona. No more orders, no more of this horrible war. I’ll just fly away.>

First thought: That’s a neat idea.

Second: So… do both the humans host body and the Yeerk body morph together? Otherwise, why would they not need the Kandrona any more?