Review: The Ellimist Chronicles

Series: Animorphs: #53.5

Series: Animorphs Chronicles: #4

My full name is Azure Level, Seven Spar, Extension Two, Down-Messenger, Forty-one. My chosen name is Toomin. I like the sound of the word, which is all the reason you need for a chosen name.

My “game” name is Ellimist. Like Toomin, it doesn’t mean anything in particular. I just thought it sounded breezy. Never occurred to me when I chose the name that it would follow me for so long, and so far.

A world of flying crystals. Searchers, flying to the stars. A living moon. And all along, games. Games at an unimaginable scale.

Perhaps my favorite book of the whole series–although it’s for the most part completely inconsequential to any of the other books. It explains a few things (that were acceptable not to explain) and builds more worlds (perhaps connecting things too much). Still, I quite enjoy this one. And it’s at a good point.

The beginning.

And the end.