Review: The Beginning

Series: Animorphs: #54

And it ends.

And a new day begins.

This isn’t really a book with much action (although there is some). It’s really more of an epilogue. How things wrap up and what happens next. It’s not always something you get in a series and I appreciate it.

The end of the end? Weird. Undoes a bit of the closure. But in a way, it fits?

The Animorphs were an amazing read when I guest found them years (decades?) ago now. This is my third time reading them. They may be dated at times, but oh, they hold up.

A story of teenagers growing up far too fast. Fighting a war. Saving the world. And paying for it all in blood.

Well worth the read.


Well, here it is at long last: the final chapter in the Animorphs story. It began in the summer of 1996. It ends in the summer of 2001. Five years, 54 regular titles, 4 Chronicles, 5 Megamorphs and 2 Alternamorphs.

Dang. I didn’t realize it came out quite that quickly. Even with ghostwriters that’s impressive.