Review: The Diversion

Series: Animorphs: #49

Another step further.

“No, Rachel. We retreat,” Jake answered. “A tactical retreat. Save the army. Live to fight another day. But a toothbrush would be good. And extra deodorant. We’ll be out there a while.”

It’s like a series of heists. Barely planned, absolute chaos.

Almost all successful.

And still things escalate.

Random thoughts (spoilers):

Sara and Jordan are fine, Aunt Naomi," Jake said, in his talking-to-psycho-relatives voice. “And so are you. Ax?” He raised his voice, but kept it calm. “Can you make sure Rachel’s sisters don’t go anywhere?”

Little girl giggles erupted from the living room.

<I have already made sure, Prince Jake. They think I am a “pokey man.” I have told them I am an Andalite and am actually quite swift, but they insist they need to train me.>

That’s a fun scene.

Cassie had tried to explain it. “Morphing can fix injuries,” she said, “because all the information needed to re-create the cell is stored within your DNA. But memories? How are those stored? As electrical impulses? As part of your soul? When they’re gone, maybe they’re just . . . gone.”

Or perhaps because the science / the rules never quite 100% makes sense. 😃

And that’s okay!