Review: The Absolute

Series: Animorphs: #51

The National Guard is mobilizing! It’s time… to kidnap the governor?

Everything escalated so fast in these last few books.

Random thoughts:

How in the world do morphing Yeerk Controllers work? The host morphs (we saw it at the Gardens), and–what?–the Yeerk goes along for the ride? Most of the morphs we see aren’t Controlled compatible, I’d assume, after all the effort to take over sharks.


<Here’s a question,> I said. <Why haven’t we morphed ducks before? All those times we had to fly long distances, like trying to keep up with the train yesterday, Tobias. Or that time Jake got his guts squashed on the ceiling when we were stowing away in fly morph on an airplane. Why didn’t anybody say, “Long distance? Let’s go duck”?>

<Yes,> Ax agreed. <This is a useful morph. I’m not tired after quite a bit of time in the air.>

<Exactly. Plus we’re flying in formation, and it looks normal. None of that bird-of-prey stuff where we have to fly miles apart and pretend we don’t know each other. No offense, Tobias. I like swooping and gliding and riding the thermals as much as the next raptor, but every bird can’t be a fighter jet. Sometimes you need a steady, reliable 747.>

He’s got a point.

<We need to find your governor quickly,> said Ax, <and convince him to speak to us alone. What does he look like?>

“I’m not really sure,” I said. “Tobias?”

Tobias blinked his beady hawk eyes.

Ax frowned. <But he is the most important government official in your state. Isn’t his picture placed prominently in all your educational facilities?>

“Maybe.” I shrugged. “I never really paid much attention.” I looked at Tobias.

<Don’t ask me,> he said.

Ax studied Tobias, then me. He shook his head, puzzled. <Perhaps it will not matter. Once we are inside, we will most likely hear someone call him by name.> He narrowed his stalk eyes. <You do know his name?>

Well. Now that you mention it…

I at least knew a couple of governors’ names. One in high school. The one that became Vice President. Not entire sure who it is now though.

Not sure what to think about that.

<Ax, how long have we been in morph?> I said.

<Man. We’re running out of time, and all these two want to do is eat dinner. Think we can demorph and remorph under the table without anybody noticing?>

Huh. Is this the first time without ‘your minutes’?

Tobias turned. <Did you say something, Marco?>

“Uh-ur-ulph. UH. UR. ULPH!”

Ax looked at me. Tilted his head. <I believe Marco is trying to tell us that while he is extremely happy to see us, he enjoys being trussed up, and could we please not remove the filthy satchel from his mouth, as he finds it quite tasty.>

Oh, good. Ax picks now to finally get human sarcasm.

<Yeah.> Tobias nodded. <That’s what I thought he said.>