Review: The Deception

Series: Animorphs: #46

Things continue to escalate…

Finally, Jake spoke. His eyes were dull but his voice was firm.

“Things are different,” he said. “From now on, we take what we need. We do what we have to do. No matter what the consequences.”

“Jake . . .” Cassie began.

“There’s only one morph that will get us thousands of miles out to sea in the time we have left,” he added. “Human.”

It’s kind of amazing how out in the open/direct thins things are getting. We have less than ten books left, but still. It’s a lot.

An intense book. And more to come.

Random thoughts:

<What makes this thing go?> Rachel asked.

Clearly, her interest was piqued. Anything large and capable of aiding in destruction had to be of interest to Rachel.

<Two nuclear reactors. Four main engines. That’s geared steam turbines, four shafts. Four propellers. Maybe more stuff, I don’t know.>

Huh. I never considered nuclear powered aircraft carriers. That’s legit?