Review: The Unexpected

Series: Animorphs: #44

I feel like Unexpected could really be the title to about half of these books. Maybe more.

One thing leads to another, everything goes wrong, and Cassie is off to SYD-South Something Dakota. Right? Right…?

But hey, kangaroo morph!

There’s basically no impact on the greater Animorph’s story, but sometimes that’s all right. And it’s interesting to get a fairly straight forward Cassie story with the existential dread.

No worries.

Random thoughts:

“Relax, boys.” Bald Spot left the truck and strolled toward the guards. Flashed a badge. “CIA. We’ll take over from here.”

The Marines didn’t budge. “We’re not leaving our post, sir. We have orders.”

“Well, you have new orders now” - Bald Spot squinted at the two black stripes on the Marine’s collar - “corporal.”

“With all due respect,” the corporal answered, sounding anything but respectful, “we don’t take orders from . . . civilians.”

The Controllers glanced at each other.

Bald Spot nodded. “Fine.” He slid his badge into his pocket. “We’ll have a Marine colonel here in a few minutes.”

I enjoyed this scene.