Review: The Revelation

Series: Animorphs: #45

“What are you calling your discovery?” I heard Nora ask.

“I don’t really know,” Dad said tentatively. “What can you call something that is nothing at all?”

There wasn’t anything on TV. An old Star Trek. A new Star Trek. My life was plenty sci-fi. How about some Real World?

“What could you call it?” Dad continued. “Zero, I suppose. Zero-space.”

Uh oh.

And so we’re really in the endgame now. Things are falling apart. The Yeerks have all the power. And the Animorphs… well, they have that they’ve always had.


Random thoughts:

“f we get our hands on that thing, we have a megaphone to the universe,” Rachel replied. “An interplanetary cell phone.”

<I believe the device would require more than a single lithium-ion battery,> Ax said practically.

“You know what I mean. I’m talking about communication with the forces that matter. Direct communication with the Andalite fleet.”

I hadn’t really thought about it before, but… why can’t the Chee make the call? Because it would lead to violence? Could they help the Animorphs make a call? Would that be indirect enough?

About a chapter later:

<The Chee cannot participate or assist in the transfer of technology that could enable war and destruction,> Ax explained.

Yeah, fine.

“Ax, you’re amazing,” Cassie said.

Ax looked at Dad and flashed one of his eye-smiles.

<At times you humans truly scare me,> he muttered softly. <A mere four decades from first orbital spaceflight to the discovery of Zero-space communication?> He stamped the dirt with a hoof for emphasis.

“So far you Andalites have left us to the Yeerks,” Rachel pointed out dryly.

It does make me wish for a post Animorphs series. A decade or two, maybe a century in the future. Quite a different beast to write though.