Review: The Journey

Series: Animorphs: #42

And… Helmacrons. Again. We just saw them in The Hidden.

Still not nearly my favorite alien species in these books. At least this time, they get to go all Magic School Bus!

So it goes.

Random thoughts (spoilers):

We just found out from our android allies, the Chee, that the Yeerks were beginning mass production of portable Kandronas. The heads of the Yeerk organization have had access to these for a while now.

Oh hey. It’s an explanation for how they could have spread across the world. But still not to common people I’d expect.

<We need a plan,> Tobias said.

“Easy. We steal the film,” I suggested.

Been a few books since I’ve commented on dated references, but this is an interesting enough one. Imagine this in the modern day. It could be on the Internet (at least backed up if not posted) in seconds…

Morphs complete, we put our backs to Marco’s nostril and flew. A red-tailed hawk, a peregrine falcon, a northern harrier, a bald eagle, an owl.

No comment about Tobias being weirdly larger this time?

<Eenie, meenie, minie, moe?> Ax said.

<You really have been on Earth too long,> I told him.

<You’ll never fit in on the Andalite home world now.>

<I would miss Saturday morning cartoons,> Ax said.

And, of course, These Messages.

He’d morphed because the disease had already begun to twist his mind and distort his judgment. He’d morphed against direct orders because he was slowly going insane.

Too fast. Rabies takes weeks/months to get to that point. And … are they going to tell the dog’s owners?