Review: Medusa

Series: NUMA Files: #8

Swallowed by a sperm whale.

That’s quite the introductory seen. Starts with whaling, full on Moby Dick (I should read that at some point). It’s an interesting story, with just enough weird science to see where it’s going in the ‘present day’.

A Corona Virus.

This… felt all the more real in this post Covid world. And a sign of how it could have been so much worse–if only we didn’t have weird ocean life and a super well funded, run, and liked NUMA to save the world. 😄

A Hermaphrodite third triplet as a big bad.

That’s… just lazy. The Chinese Triad / mafia stuff, pretty cool. This reveal? Meh.

So, at this point? It’s Clive Cussler. The books are enjoyable enough, but I want to listen to something else for a while. So I’m moving on to something else. Perhaps one day I’ll return.