Review: Cold Reign

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #11

“Janie, we need to get this guy out of the cage. Suggestions?”

Am Beast. Not Jane.

What am I? Chopped liver?

Do not need liver chopped. Have fangs and claws to chop liver.

I do so enjoy the Jane/Beast dynamic. By far the best part of these books.

Otherwise, we have vampires coming back from the dead again that never should have, the Euro Vamps actually showing up after how many books, a crazy supernatural storm, and oh some many more timey whimey shenanigans. I’m still not entirely sure what to think about it. It’s unique, for sure. But oh, it’s major power creep on Jane’s part. I suppose we’re getting on towards the end of the series and that’s to be expected.

Other than that, my other favorite part of these books is the every growing Yellowrock clan. I never would have guessed it when I started this series, but the found family dynamic is so wonderful to read. They’re all interesting and I’ve grown to care for them all at least some fraction as much as Jane does. I’m … not looking forward to some inevitable betrayals/deaths. :(

Other other than that, there is one problem I think I’ve been having with this series:

Gee was a bird, an Anzu, a creature once worshiped as a storm god. We had recently hunted together, both of us in Anzu form. I’d had a good long look at Anzu DNA when I shifted into the form, and that DNA was not from Earth, but it did look a lot like arcenciel DNA.

When… did this happen? I don’t think I remember it. There are about a billion short stories, so perhaps in one of those, but it feels kind of weird to have the mainline novels not more stand alone than that. Is it just me? (Or did I just forget something?)

But really, it’s a wonderful series and I’m looking forward to where it goes from here!