Review: The Other

Series: Animorphs: #40

An Andalite on TV! Almost right on the heels of The Arrival. Bit weird that.

It’s an interesting look into Andalite preconceptions though:

<No. The Yeerks would have no use for his body. He is completely useless as a host.> Ax waved his frail hand in a dismissing motion.

And… is directly contrary to the idea that your original body doesn’t heal (mostly recently in The Hidden.

So… how does the DNA know your age? Or current haircut? Or if you got a tattoo? Or the progress of a genetic disease–even if the disease is in your DNA, why is the damage has already caused.

In any case, it’s an interesting look into another portion of Andalite society.

Also, we get:

Tobias glared. <Okay, I’m getting a complex over here. I’m a nothlit. A freak. Whatever. My best friend is an alien with blue fur. My girlfriend is human - when she isn’t in morph. How about we don’t talk about “normal” anymore. Or “average” or “natural.” Please.>

It’s an interesting book.