Review: The Hidden

Series: Animorphs: #39

Helmacrons. Not my favorite when they showed up in The Suspicion, not much better now. At least it’s only their tech though–the ability to track morphing energy… and the blue box.

An interesting enough plot, but there’s a spoilery twist (see below) that … I just didn’t think worked. it didn’t quite work with the established world building and I doubt will be used again.

So it goes. Onward!

Side notes (minor spoilers):

“It must have touched the blue box,” I said helplessly, thinking back. I had laid the box down in the truck while I morphed . . .

“Oh, God. It saw me morph. In the truck. And then somehow, while I was out rampaging around the highway, it must have ripped free of its remaining restraints, brushed past the box, and then . . . It had plowed straight into Chapman and without even knowing it, had acquired his DNA.”

I fell silent, not even realizing that I’d been speaking aloud.

<How could this happen?>

You know, he has a point. I feel like it’s been established that you need someone with the morphing power to use the box (did they with David?). And conscious control to acquire and morph. Although I guess we’ve seen instances of demorphing at least while semi/unconscious.

Leaving him was wrong. But I had done it anyway.

I had abandoned an animal with human DNA in its bloodstream.

Why is that different/special?

<And don’t forget about the buffa-human,> Tobias said.

“That one’s easy,” Rachel said dismissively. “We just have to get rid of it.”

“But he’s already acquired human DNA,” I protested.

“So what? You’re saying if we kill it, it’s murder?” Rachel asked. “Come on, Cassie, it’s not a human any more than I’m a bear or you’re a wolf -”

“Or I’m a big monkey,” Marco added. Silence.

“Okay, so maybe Cassie does have a point,” Jake said, obviously trying not to laugh.

“Nice,” Marco smirked. “Very nice, Prince Jake.”

Ax swiveled an eyestalk in Jake’s direction. <Prince Jake, Marco and Rachel do make a valid point. I, too, have acquired human DNA. Does this make me a human rather than an Andalite?>

There’s also a problem though. Later in the book, the morphing buffalo is injured (badly), morphs to human and back… and is healed. Does that mean morphing heals your original body after all? Or was it a continuity error. Wish they’d outright comment on that.