Review: The Weakness

Series: Animorphs: #37

Oof. Two in a row I don’t overly care for.

This time around, we have Jake out of town…

<A vote,> Tobias said. <It’s the only way.>

Marco snorted. “Beautiful. Let’s see. We’ve got Rachel’s best friend and her bird-friend and Ax isn’t voting . . . forget it, man. I’m out.”

Marco turned to me and bowed. “Congratulations, your highness. Your wish is my command.”

And for some reason Rachel steps up. I don’t mean to agree with Marco too strongly here… but this is a bad idea.

Hit and run, almost get killed, learn a lesson.

And away we go!

Side note, at least we do get this delightful conversation:

“Look, Mommy!” I whipped around to see some little boy yanking on his mother’s jeans and pointing at Marco. “It’s Curious George!”

<Hey, little dude, I’m a gorilla. Curious George is a monkey. Lady, you should buy your kid an encyclopedia!> Marco picked up a slightly smashed box from the floor. <How about investing in a CD-ROM version? Zillions magazine, the Consumer Repcrt, for kids’ rates . . .>

“WAAAAAAH! Curious George is mean!”