Review: The Navigator

Series: NUMA Files: #7

Let’s take a quick break from all the Animorphs I’ve been reading recently and instead talk about the Phoenicians again.

I mean NUMA/Kurt Austin.

But they even call it out in the book, ’the Phoenicians again'.

Really, this book is kind of hilariously on point when it calls out it’s own weirdness. We have a big bad:

The big man with the face like an evil baby.

And the other big bad later saying:

“I have no intention of taking over the world like some James Bond villain.”

Uh huh. Sure now.

Other than that, the plot is interesting enough. I’m not sure if I like or not how many of these books are tied together (all about pre-Columbian contact and the Phoenicians). It’s interesting, I’ll give them that. But the additions of new (weirdly named) secret societies, secret messages, and hidden gold mines? I’ll take it.

And more Thomas Jefferson than you can shake a stick at. It’s not James Bond, it’s National Treasure.

It’s a decent enough story, but I think Lost City and Polar Shift may have spoiled me a bit. Onward!

Side note: the fact that this book is titled ‘The (noun)’ is kind of funny when sandwiched in all of the Animorphs books. 😄