Review: The Illusion

Series: Animorphs: #33

Tobias just doesn’t get a break. (I feel like I’m saying that a lot recently).

This time around, the Yeerks are working on an anti-morphing ray. And the Animorphs really don’t want them to think that works (despite the fact that… they would really want to try it more than once. Or, despite the danger… on Visser Three).

But there’s an obvious answer. Who’s morph could they shine just about anything on and never get them to ‘de’morph?


It’s actually kind of brilliant.

Makes up a bit for the tone of the rest of the book. Man there are evil even by Yeerk standards in this book.

A good one.

Side notes:

I found Tobias’ first morph of an Andalite amusing.

But there was another element that took me off guard. Something bubbling happily away beneath the rationality. Nothing giddy like a dolphin’s playfulness. Something less simple.

Optimism. That was it. Intense optimism.

<Man! I had no idea.> I turned my head toward Ax. His eyes were smiling, the way they do.

<Keep in mind that you are experiencing instinct. The Andalite mind in its untrained state. Our culture teaches us to temper and control our optimism, to give equal value to realism. We have become, regrettably, a race of warriors. But that is in response to necessity. Down deeper, beneath that, I believe we are a peaceful species, in love with learning, not combat. But to learn - and to fight - you must be joyful. I think an ancient Andalite inscribed that on a shormitor.>

I think… that explains a lot really.


“No,” he said, more to himself than to me. “It’s all nonsense, of course. We are a rational people . . .”

“What is it, Ax-man?”

He started hesitantly. “A legend. A spiritual rite, really. Utzum. Certain medicine men believed they could pass memories through DNA. Legend says these memory messages are triggered by imminent death. A surge of strength during the last moments to ease their passage. Ancient superstition.”

I don’t know if it feels stranger that the Andalites have something like this… or that it seems to have actually happened. Although, given the events of the book, who knows what was actually happening.

Although, it could very well have been a result of time travel. Or morphing technology. I’m surprised neither was mentioned.