Review: Elfangor's Secret

Series: Animorphs: #29.5

Series: Megamorphs: #3

Am I some kind of hideous freak of nature, a twisted concoction of mismatched parts? Or am I something new and wonderful?

Depends on the day. Depends on whether I’m with Melissa, wanting to make her happy, wanting her to hold my hand, …

Way to bury the lede there.

So… it’s another time travel story. Another Time Matrix story. Another Ellimist / Cyarak story.

The slightly more interesting bit this time is that time is wrong. Someone has been messing around in history and it’s up to the Animorphs to put things right.

<Ax-man! Are you hit?>

It was Tobias. I saw him, drifting, wings spread wide, above the smoke of battle.

<I am not injured,> I said.

<I’m not exactly thrilled with them myself,> Tobias said.

It’s… fine? It’s probably the weakest of the time travel stories and when there are enough to say ‘one of the time travel stories’ you know it’s played out.