Review: The Sickness

Series: Animorphs: #29

“You ever notice how many different ways there are to say ’throwing up’?” Marco asked as we passed Dunkin’ Donuts, the first in the row of fast food places dotting the main street running through town. “There’s vomiting, of course. Hurling. Tossing your cookies. Puking, a classic. Ralphing.”

I was glad Marco was filling up the silence. Even though I thought he could have come up with a better topic.

“There’s cascading. But I prefer the terms that are more real. Like blowing chunks. Spewing your guts.”

Marco took a deep breath and kept on talking as we made our way past Taco Bell. “Tangoing with the toilet. That’s a good one,” he said reflectively. “Technicolor yawn.”

The one where everyone gets sick (Ax deathly so) and Cassie has to go on a solo rescue mission to the Yeerk pool.

Quite a story and quite a bit more Cassie than we often get. Being the action hero no less!

A solid one.

Side note:

So… it actually still works with the idea that morphing back to your natural form doesn’t heal, since you’re getting your body back. That’s why everyone ends up sick even though they more back.

One bit that’s a bit weird is that several cases (especially Ax) morph back and stay sick. That one is a bit weirder…

So it goes.