Review: The Exposed

Series: Animorphs: #27

Erek’s glitching.

Which–if the Yeerks find out there have been highly advanced androids infiltrating them for years–could be bad.

“How about his face? A mask?”

Jake ran to snatch up some full-head masks.

“I have Clinton, Gingrich, and a Teletubby. Dipsy, I think.”

“That’s not Dipsy,” Cassie corrected. “That’s Tinky Winky. Dipsy’s green and has the straight up thing. Tinky Winky’s the one with the triangle.”

<Who’s the little red one?> Marco wondered.

“Po,” Cassie said.

<Oh, yeah.>

“No offense,” Erek said, “but how on Earth have you people managed to avoid getting caught for this long?”

I mean, he has a point.

So now the Animorphs have to go somewhere they’ve never gone before–deep, deep in the ocean. The Message was nothing compared to this. They’re going to need all new morphs this time around.

“Calamari,” she said with a grin.

“Snails?” I said, frowning.

<I am not in favor of snails,> Ax said.

“Wait, that’s not-” Cassie said loudly.

<I had the misfortune to inadvertently eat one while feeding,> Ax continued.

“You ate a snail through your hoof?” I asked. That picture temporarily replaced the image of me being squashed to the size of a Barbie doll on the ocean floor.

<Yes, and the meat portion was fine. However, once the snail’s body had been digested, the shell was very difficult to->

“Ooookay, I think that’s probably enough about snails,” Jake said.

(Calamari isn’t snail anyways, as Cassie yells shortly after this section).

It’s an interesting premise and some really weird and wonderful (ymmv) new morphs and a fun (pun intended) look into Pemalite technology and culture.


Side note:

So much for the question of whether squid are aggressive, I thought. Someday the six of us could write a serious update of zoology textbooks. If we lived that long.

You’ve got a point there.

I’ve never really looked up just how accurately they go into the details for any particular animal morph, but assuming it’s mostly right, I learned quite a bit from these books!