Review: Taskmaster: Series 13

Series: Taskmaster: #13

No way.

So many quotes. So many ducks. So many chances to make Alex do weird things.

It was another great series. I love this show. At some point I’m going to run out… and have to watch the New Zealand and now Australian versions! (I can’t wait).

The contestants:

  • Ardal O’Hanlon - The older one / the Irish one. Always seemed up for doing the wackiest thing and I loved his sense of humor.
  • Bridget Christie - The chaotic one. She seemed to actually be driving Alex up the wall as the series went on, which is saying something.
  • Chris Ramsey - The relatable one. Gives you something to grown you among all the other oddballs.
  • Judi Love - The one who loses at just about every task. And she’s just so delightful about it–and about making Alex do much of the tasks for her.
  • Sophie Duker - The younger one and my favorite of the series. She’s just got a delightfully weird way of looking at the tasks.

Series reviews:

1. The noise that blue makes

That’s a weird prize task to start with.

If something’s on the street … it’s yours. All: yeah!

The first task (duck!)… near the ceiling. They’re not all that tall Alex!



Second tasks, of course no context necessary:

Woodpeckers must be hard as f***.

Third task… a duel!

More or less.

Sophie’s (modern!) rap battle was by far the best. Bonus points for making Greg Davis feel old…

So far… I think Sophie might be my favorite.

2. Birdie Hand Finger

Impressing aliens with… weird paintings. Rubic’s cube. And a mirror–with an accent that apparently has trouble with those Rs.

Blind folded spinning?

Always a good time.

Presented without context:

Greg Davis: I’m very aware of the teats.


3. I Think I’ve Got This

Bubbles. Bubbles bubbles. Bubbles.


Bubbles bubbles?



Pheasant plucker.


Delightful chaos.

Bridget getting 25 points; two tasks at 6 each… that was something new!

4. Shoe Who

It’s truly something to see Alex actually get irritated.

I liked ‘Guess Shoe’ personally.


5. Having a little chuckle

Two part tasks, especially when you’re inadvertently making life difficult for yourself? Delightful.

Direct competitions… for third place? Even better.

If I’d got here quicker then I’d probably done all right in this task.

And so it ends…

(Stick around for a quick shot at the end of the credits!)

6. The 75th Question

Oh Bridget.


No, you got beaten by everyone.


There are just so many Greg doing weird things for perfectly reasonable reasons this episode.

7. Heg

It’s going to be that sort of episode then.

But the best part? Make a 150g edible arrangement. And then for part 2…. Oh they should have seen that coming.

I’m impressed they made it even that far.

And yet…

Greg: If I place your tofu ballerina above a vagina, I’m finished.

8. You Tuper Super

The return of Fred the Swede.

As it turned out, I could speak Swedish all along.

I think… Alex might actually regret the tongue task…

9. It Might be Wind

Alex: I don’t like it.

Judi: I was surprised how much I looked like a damn fish.

It gets weirder.

Greg: I wasn’t expecting you to use an actual human baby.

And I quote:

He was hoping you would think it was his neck.

… Judi was robbed. :(

(Watch Sophie carefully)

10. The House Queens

Just so you know, you can store blood for 42 days.

No. You get no context.


(Not context)

Chris: You’re a psychopath.

Sometimes, Bridget just screws around. And sometimes… she’s brilliant. Also Sophie swapping the arrows.

But the real standout?

Judi: The ducks felt some motherly instincts. They wanted to be nursed in these breasts.


Singing: The boys going on about some aubergine task that only they had to do. And then the women…

That was surprisingly good.

Side note: Sophie’s earrings are delightful.