Review: The Attack

Series: Animorphs: #26

Whelp, it seems The Extreme wasn’t extreme enough. Forget the Arctic, now the Animorphs are going to a world far, far away.

It’s a(nother) precursor to The Ellimist Chronicles, detailing that long, long battle between the Ellimist and Crayak.

“But it wasn’t to be that simple. Approximately a hundred million Earth years ago, we became aware of a new force in the galaxy. Not a species, an individual. He was a fugitive from another galaxy, chased out of that galaxy by a power even greater than he. Greater than me.”

<We knew then, Crayak and I, that we could never make war again. Not open war, at least. The conflict would have to be carried on by different means. No longer a savage battle. Now it must be a chess game. There would be rules. Limits.>

This time around, it’s a contest of champions: the Animorphs (plus Erek the Chee) versus Howlers (they killed the Chee’s creators, thus Erek).

It’s quite the weird world. And quite the battle(s). And of course… quite the solution out of left field. Turns out even strengths can be turned into a weakness if you’re … human enough?

An interesting story, if a little weird.