Review: The Extreme

Series: Animorphs: #25

I’ve been hurled sixty million years into the past, and been trapped on alien planets, but I’d never felt so far from home.

The Animorphs go to the Arctic1.

The Yeerks have decided enough is enough. They’re sick of those ‘Andalite bandits’ always ruining everything, so for their new secret project… they’re going to build at the North Pole.

Took long enough… Even if they don’t think they’re humans, the Yeerks have the numbers. Spread out and there’s no way that a half dozen guerilla fighters could deal with you any more.

In any case, it’s quite the adventure–and establishes that the Animorphs have a way to handle extended away missions now:

Erek’s solution had been to have himself and three of his Chee friends program their holograms to look like each of us. Little did my dad know that he’d be sharing his cornflakes with an android who’d been on Earth since before the first flake was created.

It… works. And gives a bit more flexibility in what stories they can tell. Man. They’re children. And having to deal with even this now…

A solid story–and more evidence

Side note: This is the first ghostwritten Animorphs book. I’ll be putting the ghostwriters in the author section as well. It’s an interesting practice. Not sure what to think about it.

  1. Fun fact: Arctic literally means ‘with bears’, while Antarctic is ‘without bears’. Which works out great for polar bears! But isn’t actually why they were named as such (and wasn’t known at the time). Instead, it’s because you can see the constellations Ursa Major/Minor in the north but not in the south. 😄 ↩︎