Review: The Suspicion

Series: Animorphs: #24

So… the one with the Helmacrons.

They’re small. And very angry.

It’s kind of weird just how many aliens there are/have been wondering about the Earth. And this is no exception.

Plus, the idea of tiny aliens is (for the most part) played for laughs, rather than really digging into how in the world that would work. How does anything work at that scale?

Not one of my favorites.

So it goes.


Random thoughts (minor spoilers):

<Male, take these aliens. Instruct them in the ways of obedience!>

The Helmacron shoved us toward the hatch.

“Male?” Marco wondered. “Did he. . . I mean, was that . . . is this . . .”

“I think so,” I said. “The loud, hyper ones are females. This one is a male.”

“Oh, man. Now I’m really scared. It’s an entire species of Rachels.”

Well. That’s… a thing. Almost as weird for the sake of being weird as the reveal about their captains…

Also… why do the morphs shrink? Maybe the tech is relative to your size. Sure. But then why wouldn’t newly acquired morphs also shrink? Shrinking is just weird.