Review: The Threat

Series: Animorphs: #21

<Aww, shut up, Marco,> Rachel said good-naturedly. <It’s kind of fun. The wind whistling through the chinks in my body armor, rustling the spikes on my legs . . .>

<You people are all crazy,> David said.

<At one level, it’s kind of fascinating, you know?> Cassie said. <I mean, did anyone ever read the Miss Spider books? Miss Spider’s Tea Party, Miss Spider’s New Car? This could be Miss Spider Goes Flying.>

<You people are all crazy,> David repeated.

<Dragonfly Airlines,> Rachel said with a laugh.

And so continues the David saga (The Discovery and The Solution).

In this one, the new Animorph is put entirely under the test. A meeting of world leaders. One (at least) is already a Controller1.

Good times.

It’s interesting seeing David fit in–and even more so when he doesn’t.


Additional random delightful dialog:

The guy with the pizza was looking nervous.

<Keep flying,> I said, although I, too, had to fight the weird desire to dive on some pepperoni. I mean, seriously, a large pan pizza for one guy? No reason why he couldn’t toss a couple slices off to one side so we . . .

But pizza was not the point.

<Fries!> Rachel cried.

<Okay, now look,> I said,

<Oh! Oh! Fried chicken!> Marco said. <Hey, Tobias. If a seagull eats chicken, is that like cannibalism or something?>

<That depends. Extra crispy or regular?>

  1. So… how does this actually work? Are there Yeerk pools in other countries? Or even in DC, since I’m pretty sure Animorphs is set on the West Coast, probably in Southern California. Do they travel? If there are more Yeerk Pools, how do the Animorphs have any chance at all? Why don’t the Yeerks just… go somewhere else?

    They actually even mention this (with Tony being stuck in Washington). So… how does it work? ↩︎