Review: The Discovery

Series: Animorphs: #20

And so David–oy.

Apparently the morphing cube (I’m sure it has a better name) survived. That seems… impressive, but it does work well enough as a plot device.

And this kid (the aforementioned David) found it.

One thing leads to another and in the end, there’s no choice. They need to make a new Animorph. It wouldn’t even be the first time, they added Ax after all. And Tobias has a bit of the same feel. But man. It’s quite the thing to be doing now.

Of course everything goes well–well enough for a 3 part story anyways, with The Threat and The Solution.

I do not like this plotline. David feels less well developed than the rest of the Animorphs (for good reason to be fair) and it’s a mess from the beginning. It’s more of the ’this is a terrible situation’ that the Animorphs really start digging into as we go.

So it goes.