Review: The Departure

Series: Animorphs: #19

Andalites, humans, there’s no difference. You’re both smug, moralizing, ”superior” races. You both live in beautiful worlds. You have hands and eyes, and the freedom to move about wherever you like. And you hate us for wanting all those same things.

Cassie is done.

Frankly, it’s kind of amazing she lasted as long as she did. At her heart, Cassie is a healer… and now she’s spent months (years? who knows) in a war. Literally taking lives.

So she’s done.

Of course that’s when things go sidewise in all the best story appropriate ways.

It’s a fascinating look into the stress that all of the Animorphs are under, but what’s more… a surprising look into Yeerks that could be more. They aren’t all evil.

And that’s what makes the story all the better.

I enjoyed this one.

Side note #1: I wonder if metamorphoses is a thing on the Andelite home world or in the galaxy at large. Seems like a neat way to cheat the whole morphing process / something that could be useful.

Side note #2: That poor leopard.