Review: In the Time of Dinosaurs

Series: Animorphs: #18.5

Series: Megamorphs: #2

I mean, it’s right there in the title right?

The Animorphs try to do the right thing and instead get blown back 65 million years in the past. They almost get eaten, find a bunch of aliens no one has ever heard of (and we’ll never see again I expect), almost get eaten, go steal a nuke, almost get eaten, and eventually get home. Because what sort of series would this be if they didn’t…

I’m starting to think that the Animorphs might have a time travel problem.

Although, I guess it’s been longer than than I thought since last time (The Stranger, The Forgotten, and The Andalite Chronicles; alternatively, it was last 65 million years from now!).

In any case, it’s certainly an exciting story. And we get a touch of the moral issues involved in potentially changing the timeline–or having to allow something terrible to happen to preserve it. Along with some much more interesting aliens than we often see.

So a good story. Worthy of the heftier Megamorphs page count I think.

Onward and back… TO THE FUTURE!

Random thoughts:

So… why in the world does morphing not heal Tobias’ wing? Nothing we know about how morphing or time travel suggests that shouldn’t have worked. And the others healed–or at least I assume, since Rachel doesn’t have problems with her feet any more after morphing.

I suppose it could have been something the Ellimist messed up?