Review: Shadow Rites

Series: Jane Yellowrock: #10

And now things take a different take. We’ve dealt with it all. Vampires, weres, skinwalkers, aliens from other dimensions, thousand year old uber-vamps… now it’s time to let some witches shine once again.

And oh, how crazy things get. I’m so glad to see the Truebloods again. Pregnant Molly is fun. Angie Baby is scary and adorable. Evan is going to get himself revealed. And now we can good witch / evil witch with the best of them!

Things I liked:

  • Jane growing more into her role(s) and actually getting comfortable with her life:

    Here . . . crap. I was one of the big cats. No one looked at me twice, no hint of challenge, no need to prove themselves against me. I had both hands full. I was eating and drinking and relaxing in the presence of the apex predators of the food chain.

    It’ll never last, but it’s good to see.

  • The incredible ‘found family’ dynamic. Jane is collecting quite the family around her and the dynamics between all of them are interesting. The Youngers in particular, but Bruiser as well, along with a few new(ish) faces in this book.

    Speaking of the Youngers:

    “Fine. Buy pompoms and do some calisthenics for each other, but shut up and listen. About an hour ago, I found clear and current pics of the women, and the young one is hot. Hot and crazy. And you know what they say about crazy women.”

    “No,” I purred. “Do tell. . . .”

    He looked up at my tone and quickly back down, hiding a smile. “They make the best bosses.”

    “Good save. Insulting, but a good save.”


Overall, one of my favorites of the series. I like them all, but this one just feels like a lot of fun. Let’s see where we can possibly go next!

Random thought:

“The one you call a goddess. Artemis. Was she, like, an angel?” I had a feeling that she had been an arcenciel, but I had never gotten evidence to back up my hunch.

“No. Angels are all male, in every scripture and history. No females existed. Ever. Despite the pretty sculptures in graveyards and paintings that Christians hang on their walls.”

This seems like an odd distinction. I wonder what’s going on there.