Review: The Change

Series: Animorphs: #13

“And what do you want, Tobias?”

”You know what I want,” I said, almost choking on the words. ”You know.”

”Yes. But do YOU know what you want, Tobias?”, the Ellimist asked. ”And if you get it, will you still know?”

Yes. Spoilers. The Ellimist is around.

And since this originally released the same day as The Andalite Chronicles–and because it’s a Tobias book, you had to expect it.

In short, the Ellimist is (totally not 😉) interfering to free some Hork-Bajir. Tobias gets roped in. We do learn a lot more about Hork-Bajir (more than we will really until somewhat later in The Hork-Bajir Chronicles). It’s a good thing to be doing.

And yet, I still totally get Tobias lamenting getting jerked around like that.

But in the end–it was all worth it?

Random thoughts (spoilers):

We don’t learn the details until much later in The Ellimist Chronicles, but it does make me wonder… what did the Ellimist give up to be able to do this?