Review: The Reaction

Series: Animorphs: #12

It’s kind of amazing how many different one off plot lines this series introduces and just never (so far as I remember) deals with again.

This time around… being (somehow) allergic to newly acquired DNA!

It’s a neat idea and does enough to support the story by itself…

So of course we have to deal with some random made up teenage heartthrob storyline.

I ignored Marco. I almost always do. Instead I made sure Jake was paying attention, and I said, “Jake, you’re not getting it. About half the girls in our school have a poster of Jeremy Jason McCole in their bedrooms or in their lockers, or both. He is the number one cute guy in the country. He has like twenty Web sites just about him. If he endorses The Sharing, it would be as if . . .” I looked to Cassie for help.

It’s… weird. I get it. They’re teenagers. But it’s still not something I really understood even then.

Such is life.


Random thoughts:

“She thinks she has to be entertaining,” Cassie said, still worried about her mother’s presentation. “It’s dangerous when Mom tries to be entertaining. See, she’ll think she has to be cool and all. She’ll start talking about ‘The Fudgies,’ or ‘Snoopy Diggity Dog,’ or ‘Boys Eleven Men,’ or ‘Nice Is Neat.’”

I laughed out loud, practically spraying Mountain Dew from my nose. “Okay, The Fugees, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Boyz II Men I get. But what’s Nice Is Neat?”

Cassie looked guilty. “NIN. You know, Nine Inch Nails? I wanted to get the new CD but I was broke, so I told my mom NIN stood for Nice Is Neat.”

There’s the Nice Is Neat reference I was thinking of!.

Never even heard of the Fugees, but I at least recognize the rest. I wonder how many of them are still around… but not enough to look it up again!