Review: The Forgotten

Series: Animorphs: #11


The one with a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.

There’s weird tension (did he finally go crazy?) and a neat resolution (possibly, but at least this time around he’s not) that theoretically raises some big interesting world building problems–that we probably won’t ever have to deal with.

It’s a good one.

Random thoughts (spoilers!):

<Thanks to Cassie’s observation, it seems pretty clear that when we and the Blade ship fired simultaneously and the Dracon beams intersected, we created what we call a Sario Rip.>

“A what? A Sario Rip? What’s that?

“English, please,” I warned. “Plain English, please.”

“We were blown through time, Jake,” Cassie said. “We aren’t where we want to be. And we aren’t when we want to be.”

I stared at her. “Did we go forward or back? Are we in the past or the future?”

<Yes,> Ax said. <It’s definitely one of those two choices.>

Such delightful technobabble. The Andelites really do like naming things after random people, but I suppose we do the same thing all the time.

Also, I love Ax’s (probably unintentional) humor here.

I sat staring at the piranha. They say a school of piranha can strip a cow down to nothing but bones in a few minutes.

Totally something a teen, especially of the area, would think. Also… somewhat overblow.

Also also, they should have acquired piranha morphs!