Review: Black Mirror: Season 2

Series: Black Mirror: #2

Onward we go!

Only barely long than season 2, it still manages to pack quite a bunch. We have the prescient one (given all the news about LLMs/AIs), the one where the world’s ended (or may be a world has ended), the politics are stupid–ha ha–one, and the twisted and all connected one.

This is quite the show. How did I miss this?

I’m looking forward to season 2!

Episode by episode reviews (potential minor spoilers):

1. Be Right Back

Well chalk that right up to “Black Mirror came true” with all the LLM AIs recently. Cheerful.

I found the pregnancy a bit much, not going to lie.

But otherwise, it’s an exploration of an entirely too possible future.


2. White Bear

Well that’s one heck of an intense opening… the silence. The confusion. Oy.

And then the twists. I will admit, I did not see that coming—something was up, everyone was just too clean and contained. But seriously, oy.



3. The Waldo Moment

Employee: We should probably just shift before this turns stupid.

Mr. Monroe: I’m not walking away from a cartoon.

Perhaps you should have.

And then you get blue animated bear for politics.

4. White Christmas

Pick up artist guide? What could possibly go wrong?


AI assistant setup assistant? What could…


The ability to block people in real life?


… wait.

Well that’s a cheerful way to celebrate Christmas…