Review: The Secret

Series: Animorphs: #9

It’s amusing just how much trouble the Animorphs (six kids, remember) cause the Yeerks on Earth (and Visser Three in particular).

So much so that they’re willing to come up with convoluted schemes to get approval to log an entire forest where they suspect those ‘Andelite bandits’ are hiding. (Which, to be fair, they’re not entirely wrong about).

So of course, Cassie gets the point of view and we have to SAVE THE SKUNKS! (it makes more sense than you might think).

A solid entry.

Random thoughts:

<Dapsen Lumber Company,> Ax said. <That’s what the Yeerks call this logging company. Very funny.>

“What’s funny?” Marco asked.

<Dapsen. It’s a Yeerkish word that means . . . well. Never mind what it means. It isn’t polite.>


Are the Yeerks 12? How did that get approved?