Review: The Alien

Series: Animorphs: #8

“You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” A famous human named Rolling Stones said that. I thought it was very wise, for a human.

  • From the Earth Diary of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

Our first point of view of Ax. Who’s an alien (oh so alien).

“Here, just take the box,” Marco said.

He handed me the box of popcorn. I quickly ate the rest of it.

“Not the box,” Marco wailed. “You don’t eat the box!”

“It tasted of salt and grease,” I pointed out.

It’s a fun look at cultural differences. I generally think that the series badly overdoes how he’s constantly reacting to things like speaking/eating/standing on two legs, but it’s fun to see it from his point of view.

Culturally, we do get a decent bit of interesting story building here. What makes humans interesting in this universe. What Andelite culture is built on. What families are like. Etc.

It’s a neat story.

I’m glad that the core conflict doesn’t (for the most part) get drug beyond one book. That would get tiring.

Random Thoughts

(minor thoughts)

More random species names go!

“What type of ship is that?” I asked. “It looks somewhat like a Hawjabran freighter.”

“That’s the Enterprise,” Prince Jake said. “It’s not real. It’s just made-up.”

Came out in 97 so probably First Contact, out in 96. Amusing.

I quickly became bored by the plot of the movie. For one thing, there was one character who was clearly an Ongachic female. But in the movie this creature was called a “Klingon.” It made no sense.

I haven’t actually decided if I like this more or less than just physical descriptions or not even that.


<Yes, War-Prince Alloran. I will tell them. Do you have any other orders for me?>

He reached up with one weakened hand. I took his hand in mine. <Fight them. They are stronger than you think. They have . . . they have infiltrated . . .they are on the home world . . . fight . . .>

I don’t recall this ever being mentioned again… I wonder if I just don’t recall or if this too was dropped.