Review: For All Mankind: Season 1

Series: For All Mankind: #1

Watched with someone that didn’t know what the show was about. A few minutes of “okay, so it’s about the moon landing.” And then the moment when he speaks… Delightful.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about STOP READING NOW AND GO WATCH THIS SHOW.

I’m waiting.


The idea of an alternate history where the Soviets made it to the moon is so fascinating. And it’s only made all the better by all the character moments and (surprisingly to me) other historical events not on the moon we see along the way.

It’s such a good show.

I’m really looking forward to what they do with Season 2. What changes… and what stays the same?

Episode by episode mini-reviews (potential spoilers! especially from latter episodes for earlier ones).

1. Red Moon

Oh that’s quite a start.

Watched with someone that didn’t know what the show was about. A few minutes of “okay, so it’s about the moon landing.” And then the moment when he speaks… Delightful.

Also, man there are so many people I’ve seen in this one. Kinnamon from Altered Carbon, VanSanten from The Boys, Bauer from True Blood. And that’s in just the first few little while.

I’m curious where the story of the family crossing the border will tie in.

2. He Built the Saturn V

The pair of congressional hearings were so fascinating. Baldwin taking ownership. Von Braun’s connections far more public than they ever were at the time in real life.

It’s fascinating to see what changes. And what stays the same.

More familiar faces! Rubinek from Warehouse 13 et. al.

3. Nixon’s Women

I was about to be extra annoyed at Gordo. :p Turns out it’s a meet cute instead.


20 women to try to find one for the program. And one of them… we’ve already met.

It’s a neat way to see the training they have to go to–and I’m sure the real politics that NASA would have to deal with, albeit turned up to 11. Interesting world building.

Oh that ending.

4. Prime Crew

The first (American) woman going to the moon! Oh that’s ruffling all sorts of feathers.

And oh Ellen and Larry. The time skipping by leaves a few things out. That’ll be interesting.

5. Into the Abyss

In an alternate history space program with astronauts changing their mission last minute and doing things never done before… it’s amazing how the most intense moments are in the quiet chats in the lander—or even back on Earth.

Karen and Wayne… that’s quite the odd pairing.

And oh boy time skips ahoy! They’re just burning through the years.

6. Home Again

Time skip! Jamestown is up and running, with Baldwin, Gordo, and Danielle living up there on the moon!

Oh snap. von Braun’s shadow still hanging over Margo. :/ I’m glad to see him again. And surprising backstory! I expect that plot to be interesting.

And then… well I suppose it’s been an episode or two since we had a tragedy. Oy.

And of course… Tracy and Gordo are perhaps not actually doing that well. Wondered if that would come back.

7. Hi Bob

Another two weeks.

And they slowly–or perhaps not so slowly–go full on cabin fever. Good times. For the ants.

It’s fascinating how they contrast the mission to the moon, far ahead of where we are even now–versus the social norms back home.

Brutal cliffhanger too…

8. Rupture

Seeing a psychiatrist? Grounded. Gay? Grounded. Any number of other things, in sure. Grounded.

What … a time to be alive?

Some things, they’re doing better than we ever did. Some things are just as warped as they were back then.

Oh the tonal whiplash this episode. Between the Baldwins, the Stevens, Deke going to the moon, and Alieda. Quite the episode.

9. Bent Bird

Back to space! Ish. There’s still a lot to unpack back on the ground.

Deke is so doomed, isn’t he?

Man that’s a crazy penultimate episode.

10. A City on the Hill

And now the finale.

Ellen I think has plot immunity at this point, but Deke has served his role in the plot. It’s quite a moment with the two stuck up in a tin can alone on their way to nowhere.