Review: Elmer and the Dragon

Series: My Father's Dragon: #2

The somewhat sillier (who’d have thought it possible) sequel to My Father's Dragon, wherein Elmer and Boris take an entire book to return home (and all sorts of strange things happen along the way).

It’s really the second half of the book (and if you read it as part of Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon it fits better)–and slightly weaker, especially without the first.

One thing to love about both the first and this book is the weird obsession with ‘inventory tracking’. He picks 38 tangerines. Then eats 15. Then 11 more. It’s a fun way for kids who’s minds work that way to track things, do math, all the while looking for that mistake they know must be there!

It’s also a nice touch that we stick around with the new characters we meet a lot better this time. The entire book is about Elmer, Boris, and the canaries, rather than a new animal puzzle each chapter. I like it.