Review: The Andalite's Gift

Series: Animorphs: #7.5

Series: Megamorphs: #1

The first Megamorphs book–with the point of view switching each chapter rather than per book–and almost twice as long! (apparently it was originally published as two books?) It’s a neat concept and a good way to shake up the series.

Other than that, it’s summer time. The Animorphs are coming off a big win. So it’s time to relax.

Until a living tornado from Saturn comes to visit–seemingly focussed on finding and shredding our friendly neighborhood Animorphs.

Also, an amnesia plot. Which morphing for some reason didn’t heal?

It’s… fine? The other Megamorphs books are better.

Random Thoughts

“You said you could drive!” Cassie accused.

I shrugged. Actually, what I had said was I scored millions of points playing Wipeout, this excellent video game. “Okay, so it’s not exactly like Wipeout. I’m doing the best I can.”

It is an enjoyable game.

Man they’re young.

Dated References


Suddenly I saw something familiar.

“Hey! Look!” I said.

“What?” Jake asked.

“It’s gone now,” I said. “Are we taping this?”

“Yeah,” Marco said. “What is it?”

“Back the tape up. Back it up.”

Marco reversed the VCR tape. I watched as the camera panned back across the wreck. Then . . .

Why don’t they just go back on the YouTube video? Or look up someone live streaming it?!