Review: The Visitor

Series: Animorphs: #2

The one where the big bad alien controlled Assistant Principal… has a touch of humanity after all.

“He wasn’t a Controller,” I said scornfully. “Why would the Yeerks want to make a Controller out of a punk? They want people in positions of power.”

“We don’t know that for sure,” Jake said. “Tom isn’t in a position of power.”

A good question that. Or why Chapman for that matter…

It’s still so very weird what random people the Yeerks chose to take over.

It’s a decent story. Making some Yeerks all the more terrifying while at the same time humanizing others. Makes everything all the more complicated…


Random thoughts

“No, that’s not it at all,” he said earnestly. “It’s just . . . see, when I did the lizard morph, that bothered me. I had nightmares - "

“Nightmares?” I said it too loudly. Then I lowered my voice back to a whisper. “Nightmares?”

“Oh, yeah. Definitely. When I morphed the tiger I had dreams, too, but not nightmares.”

You know, if that’s actually part of the morphing technology, that’s pretty neat. Feedback from the DNA? Seems like it’d be perfectly normal reactions too though.

Dated references

“Fight crime? Who are you, Spiderman? I’m talking show business. Movies! TV shows! I could go on Letterman. I could be an entire episode of Stupid Pet Tricks all by myself.”

Letterman again… although apparently Stupid Pet Tricks is upcoming/back in 2024 hosted by Sarah Silverman, so.. that’s a thing.

“Do you want to come over?” I said. “I got that new CD, if you want to listen to it.”

So weird to be so early in the history of the Internet/World Wide Web (the latter really only a few years old at this point) that it just doesn’t come up. I haven’t seen a music CD in years now.